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Some of the places you can
visit and activities you can do during
your vacation at our house on the beach… 🙂


Little fishing town with great architectural sight – tower that used to guard the town from the Turks. Today the mascot of holiday place, charming hotel and nice restaurant. Night life on the beaches and annually organized fisherman’s nights tourist attractions…


Split offers you it´s many charmes: the pines of the Marjan forest, the murmur of the sea and the sound of a dalmatian song on the stone streets of the city. Tourists have the privilege of seeing performances of top quality known as the Split Summer Festival. A must visit during vacation!

Krka waterfalls

National park Krka surrounds 17 cascading waterfalls. It is located near Ĺ ibenik and visitor swimming is allowed!

Mountain biking

Poljica is a little fishing village and behind Poljica (to the north) there are beautifull hills with olive trees and villages (Vrsine, Gustirna). There are asphalt and macadam routes for mountain biking.


Beautifully stony tourist town with population about 12000. From 1997. is under UNESCO protection, which makes it one of few pearls of Adriatic coast.

Ĺ ibenik

Ĺ ibenik is surrounded with great walls and with natural phenomena Krka, old 15th century cathedral of St. Jackobs is one of the greatest structures of its time.


If you want more active vacation you can go rafting on the river Cetina (just 60km from Poljica).

Fish picnic

All day excursions, every day – fishing outside the bay.
Get on board!